Film roll from Hawaii (6-16-16)

 So below are some shots I took around a year and half ago (The roll was marked 6-16-16). Anyone who knows me personally or at least has been following me more than a year knows that I was living in Hawaii for about a year and a half. Anyway, during my stint in Hawaii I shot primarily on film cameras (my dad's 71' Nikkormat and a Minolta x-700) and during this time I experimented a lot! I was pushing and pulling all film speeds, color gradients and wrapped flashes but my favorite was pulling 1600 though. The below shots I'm pretty sure were shot with my Nikkormat. The people in the photographs I don't see anymore but thankfully I have these as proof that we once did. Muthafuckin summer 16', amiright?!

People in the photos - Derek, Nobu (@nobu.aloha) and Aaron.

 Most of the shots were taken on the North Shore of Oahu, the karaoke bar that I cannot remember the name of, and the temple I can't remember the name of but it's in a cemetery north of Chinatown. <~~ whoa run on sentence!

New Orleans Trip

 Honestly, this was the first time I've really taken photos in New Orleans even though I was born and spent most of my life there. New Orleans has never been a source of inspiration artistically for me, perhaps because I grew up miles from the French Quarter and was forced to visit historic cemeteries on middle school field trips. So after avoiding going back home for year for various reason, I went, I explored, I shot and I will be back soon.

I highly suggest visiting the city.

Day trip to Joshua Tree

A friend of mine who just moved to LA via Hawaii was itching to see the desert. Not wanting to drive all the way to Death Valley we decided to head to Joshua tree for the day. I'm always down for a trip to Joshua Tree (day or night) and the fact my friend has a convertible sealed the deal. It's really amazing how scenery and mundane routes can feel new and inspiring when there's new roof on the car. Anyway, these are some shots I got on the way to and at Joshua tree..

OC fair!

A friend of mine Mario ( recently invited me to the OC fair and since I have never been to a proper fair I happily accepted. I honestly had no idea what to expect.. Well, of course I expected fair shit; rides, funnel cakes, pony rides, high schoolers etc.. What I didn't expect was just how truly happy everyone was in a very enigmatic way, similar to Mardi Gras or maybe New Years Eve in times square. You just just about do anything shy of cursing someone out and they would just smile it off.

Obviously, this type of obliviousness is optimal for photography, especially of the "street" variety. I am and have always been comfortable with sticking a camera in people's face but never in my life have I been met with such pleasant and lively people as I pulled my eye away from the camera each time. Perhaps it was that I we had started drinking beer the moment we arrived and people, much like myself find comfort in their own. Drunks always wanna be around other drunks, camera or no camera.

We walked around drinking $12 dollar bud lights and finding places to sneak cigarettes all the while snapping shots. I'm not much of a people person nor a kid person but this day in particular I felt like I could be even just for a day. I got mostly portraits throughout the day and the fair "architecture" at night. Below are some photographs of some very nice people who allowed a stranger to document their day.