OC fair!

A friend of mine Mario (@_mars.prime) recently invited me to the OC fair and since I have never been to a proper fair I happily accepted. I honestly had no idea what to expect.. Well, of course I expected fair shit; rides, funnel cakes, pony rides, high schoolers etc.. What I didn't expect was just how truly happy everyone was in a very enigmatic way, similar to Mardi Gras or maybe New Years Eve in times square. You just just about do anything shy of cursing someone out and they would just smile it off.

Obviously, this type of obliviousness is optimal for photography, especially of the "street" variety. I am and have always been comfortable with sticking a camera in people's face but never in my life have I been met with such pleasant and lively people as I pulled my eye away from the camera each time. Perhaps it was that I we had started drinking beer the moment we arrived and people, much like myself find comfort in their own. Drunks always wanna be around other drunks, camera or no camera.

We walked around drinking $12 dollar bud lights and finding places to sneak cigarettes all the while snapping shots. I'm not much of a people person nor a kid person but this day in particular I felt like I could be even just for a day. I got mostly portraits throughout the day and the fair "architecture" at night. Below are some photographs of some very nice people who allowed a stranger to document their day.